wtf is wrong with teenagers 

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the part in 1999 where prince says “life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last” like fucks me up and throws me into an existential crisis

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who wore it best?

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My boyfriend hates everything I love. I love this. Wah.

Yesterday, the Australian federal government committed an additional $12bn fighting climate change. “In view of the scientific consensus, we’d be remiss to do anything else,” said Tony Abbott.

Oh, wait. No, that money went on 58 new fighter planes, in the most expensive defense commitment in Australian history. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter acquisition would allow Australia to participate in future military coalitions alongside the US – the main basis, one would guess, for this extraordinary expenditure.

Had a reforming government pledged $12bn to, say, environmental research in the midst of a supposed budget emergency, it would have faced not only a rejuvenated Tea party-style opposition, but also a proliferation of broadsheet columns decrying its reckless extravagance…

Spending billions preparing for the next pre-emptive invasion or overseas adventure is Very Serious in a way that preventing the ruination of the planet is not, simply because the latter threatens profits, and the former does not.

Peter Sparrow. Read the whole article because this quote simply doesn’t do justice to the original point as to the farcical nature of Conservative government spending. Our willingness to spend billions to prepare for a preemptive attack that will most likely never eventuate is silly considering the overwhelming evidence and consensus that global warming WILL affect and threaten our very existence and way of life.  (via progressiveauspol)

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its a young boys first year of school and his dad is very proud of him. his dad is really rich and shit so he asks his son”what do you want as your reward?” his son says “one grain of sugar” and his dad thinks its kinda weird but he gives it to him anyways.

a few years later his…

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parents: “u should be more active”
me: image

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does anyone know anything about the funding models in the video game industry other than fucking kickstarter campaigns?

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god i have to write 1800 words by tomorrow

i hate film media

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Anonymous asked: Top 5 female artists?